Firehouse fire

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - When the alarm sounded at a local fire station, they didn't have to go very far.  That's because the fire was at their station.  Shortly after 2 AM, flames ripped through the Chennault Fire Department's garage.  It appears the fire was caused by one of the truck's engines.

Executive Director of the Chennault International Airport Authority Randy Robb says, "They were all parked inside at the time.  The engine got very hot and created a lot of damage to the bay luckily we had a fire wall between there and the living spaces.

Chennault firefighters heard smoke alarms as they sounded.  They immediately ran out to get the fire under control.  Meanwhile, a couple of other fire stations came to the rescue of their very own.

Captain Jeremy LeBlanc with the Lake Charles Fire Department says, "We had a rapid entry team that went in and extinguished the fire in the interior of the building.  After the fire was knocked down at 4:20 AM other crews had ventilated the sides off the building."

The fire caused extensive damage to the station's garage, including their three fire trucks.  One of the trucks is completely destroyed.

Robb says, "The other two fire trucks we're not 100 percent sure about them so we will have to have them evaluated to determine if they're repairable or if their not repairable, if they're functional or if they're not functional."

Until the fire station is able to get new trucks, they will likely have lease.  Meanwhile, no one was injured in Chennault's firehouse fire.

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