Steps to Rescan converter box by brand name

Reported by KPLC Staff:

Converter Box Rescan Steps

Access HD 1010 Menu Auto Channel Search OK Button

AirLink ATVC101 Menu Scan Autoscan

AMTC AT2016 Menu Autoprogram OK Button

Apex DT250 Menu Autoprogram OK Button

Artec T3APro Menu Channel Channel Scan OK Button

Avion ATB7707 Menu Channel Scan Terrestrial OK Button

Manufacturer Model Number Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4
Casti CAX-01 Menu Channel Channel Scan
Channel Master CM-7000 Menu Channel Scan Terrestrial
Coship N9900T Menu Channel Channel Scan
Daewoo DAC-100 Menu Setup Menu Channel Scan
Daytek CAX-01 Menu Channel Channel Scan
Digital Stream Menu Channel Autoscan
Dish Network DTVPal Menu System Setup Find New Channels
Dolby Menu Right arrow Down 2X to Autotuning OK 2 times
Energy Star Menu Right arrow to Channel Down to Autoscan OK 2 times
GE Menu Channel Auto
GMI DTA1000 Menu Channel Autoscan
Gridlink GTL-200 Menu Easy Install Autoscan
Insignia NS-DXA1 Menu Setup (Right arrow to) Autotuning
Jiuzhou DTT9001 Menu Channel Channel Scan
Magnavox TB100MW9 Setup Channel Autoscan
MicroGem MG2000 Menu Autoprogram
MicroProse MPI-500 Menu Channel Channel Scan
Philco TB100HH9 Setup Channel Autoscan
RCA DTA800 Menu Settings (Press 5) Scan for channels 1 Begin (1)
Tivax STB-T9 Menu Autoprogram
Venturer STB7766G1 Menu Channel Channel Scan
Winegard RC-DT09 Menu Channel Channel Scan
Zentech DF2000 Menu Scan Autoscan
Zenith Menu Right arrow to Channel Down 2X to Autotuning
Zinwell ZAT-875 Menu Channel Autoscan