Digitally Optimized Antennas

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - On June 12, 2009, engineers shut down our analog transmitter forever.  Along with a new TV or a converter box for those that rely on our over-the-air broadcast signal, you may require an upgrade of another piece of equipment.  A critical component to catching our signal is the antenna.  Is it time to replace the rabbit ears with a modern looking antenna?

Larry Wright from C&C Audio Video Appliance explains, "An optimized is supposed to have a better range, but we don't find that with our sales to our customers.  They seem to work exactly alike."

So we hooked up the traditional rabbit ears to our converter box and scanned for our signal.  It locked in to the digital channel.  Next up, the modern quote digitally optimized antenna.  Same hook up, same results, same picture quality.  So should you upgrade your antenna for the switch to receive more channels?

Larry responds, "Typically you get the same amount of channels.  You'll only get what's available in your area, or what you have a strong enough signal at your home to receive.  An optimized antenna probably won't make any difference for you."

Additionally, Larry suggests that if an indoor antenna is not grabbing the channels you need, an upgrade to an exterior antenna may be of help.  It all boils down to one simple point.

"The antenna is only as good as the location of where it's set up," says Larry.

So as far as spending the extra cash on a digitally optimized antenna, the answer is NO for this week's special "Does it Work?" test.  If you don't have an antenna or are looking to purchase additional ones, you can find all types of antennas at local electronics businesses priced as low at $10.  Happy viewing!

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