Upcoming workshop for student athletic trainers

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Year-round, hundreds of athletes in Southwest Louisiana push their skills and bodies to the limit. In this Healthcast, we introduce you to some of the student athletic trainers that keep these teens at their peak performance levels.

For the past three years, St. Louis High School student Victoria McDaniel has been working alongside her school's athletes on the football field, baseball diamond and basketball court as a student athletic trainer.  "I always wanted to go into the medical field when I go to college," says McDaniel, "and training is the closest thing to do in high school."

Student athletic trainers help take the load off of coaches and trainers by doing everything from keeping the athletes hydrated to wrapping ankles, knees and wrists to prevent injuries.  St. Louis High School student Jenni Kirkendall says, "We tape and stretch the players and athletes to help prevent them from getting hurt."

To learn all of these skills, high school athletic trainers from across Louisiana and Texas will be at McNeese State University's athletic department this weekend to learn and practice injury treatment techniques.  George Ange with Lake Charles Memorial Hospital Sports Medicine says, "It's really a good program that the student trainers will come in, learn from it and go back to their high schools and actually do some of the things that we taught them that they can give back to the school and give back to their athletes."

The workshop will give student athletic trainers an opportunity to advance their skills in a controlled environment, with the pros looking over their shoulders.  "We're gonna learn how to tape ankles, knees and shoulders and learn more in whatever level you're going to be interested in," says Kirkendall.

From beginner to advanced status, these students will get the tools they need to keep their classmates performing at the top of the game.

*The three-day student trainer workshop kicks off Sunday, June 7th and it's not too late to register. Call 337-477-0248 for more information. Dorms are available for non-commuter student trainers.

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