ENT Navigation System transforms sinus surgeries

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Friday, May 29th is the night for the big kick-off of the Children's Miracle Network telecast here on KPLC, raising money for pediatric health services and programs in Southwest Louisiana. In this Healthcast, we show you how some of last year's donations funded one amazing piece of equipment that is treating children and adults with sinus problems.

Ten percent of the American population has some form of sinusitis that requires medical intervention.  "You could have a sinus infection, you could have an abscess," says Dr. Keith DeSonier, an ENT specialist in SWLA, "you could have a lesion, tumor, growth and for all the little kids, you could have a foreign body stuck inside the nose."

Dr. DeSonier says the treatment of sinus problems has been revolutionized thanks to changes in equipment technology. "The technology has gotten smaller and equipment has improved to where we can take instrumentation and actually enter into the sinuses and around corners to areas that were not accessible," says Dr. DeSonier.

The Medtronic ENT Navigation System is like "GPS for the nose."  "The computer and the hand pieces are coordinated so that you can see them on the screen," says Dr. DeSonier," as the tip moves up and down, left and right, front and back, you can know exactly where the tip of the instrument is."

This equipment, with a range in tip size and function allows a physician to remove the bad tissue in the nasal cavities while keeping the good tissue intact - even in young patients.  "It's your specific X-ray," says Dr. DeSonier, "so that the computer and the tip talk to each other and it can compare exactly where the tip is to your anatomy on the screen."

This $100,000+ piece of technology was funded through Children's Miracle Network donations. It's something that CMN Giving Manager, Kay Morgan says people might not realize is working behind the scenes for kids in SWLA.  "There are things like this, the ENT Navigation System, that you don't see," says Morgan, "this is staged in the operating room and it helps children who are coming into our hospital for sinus surgery."

So, while you might see the faces of miracle kids that inspire you to donate to CMN or hear the stories of how programs like Kid Power have made a difference in pediatric health - know that technology like ENT Navigation is only a reality in our community when people give.  "This is giving money for a piece of equipment that will touch many, many, many lives now and into the future," says DeSonier.

*We'll be live from McNeese State University for the annual CMN telecast here on KPLC starting tonight at 7:00 P.M. and then again tomorrow from noon until 7:00 P.M.