Crackdown on Crime - Paul Davis Murder

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Much has changed on Monroe Street over the years, but what happened in June of 1987 is never far from the thoughts of Paul Davis' family.

"We were told by phone that the victim was found deceased inside the home on Monroe Street, the son believed that the victim had been murdered," explained Lake Charles Police Sgt. Mark Kraus.

Davis was found stabbed to death in his bed. While robbery appeared to be the motive, there were also signs that Davis tried to call for help.

"The victim was found to be wrapped up in some degree in the phone chord, not by the suspect but maybe using the phone... Trying to get a phone call out," said Kraus.

While that call never made it out, a day after the story aired a Crimestoppers tip made it in. That tip would lead investigators a block or so away to a house on East Roosevelt Street.  According to the tipster the person who lived there just up and vanished the day of murder. A search warrant found several of the victim's personal belongings on the property, but no sign of the suspect. It would be some fifteen years later that police would catch up with John Simon in Santa Ana, California. Davis' family was hopeful.

"I'm glad that this is settled finally," said Albert Chaisson, Davis' son in law.

But the case would never go to trial. The Calcasieu District Attorney' s Office felt there wasn't sufficient evidence to move forward - setting Simon free.

Sgt. Kraus says while nearly 22 years have passed, they're still actively working to close this case. "There is no expiration date on murders and it could be five years, 10 years, 25 years... It doesn't matter," said Kraus.

Kraus says they plan to resubmit the case to now District Attorney John DeRosier's office and ask them once again to pursue criminal charges.

If you have any information in this case you're asked to call Lake Charles Police at 491-1311 or Crimestoppers at 439-2222.

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