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Julienne Blade

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Titan package comes complete with two, hand-held stainless steel tools.  The smaller head is designed for peeling and slicing.  The julienne tool has the larger head used for grating and garnishing as well.  I took the Titan to Darren Daugherty from the Majestic Eatery in Lake Charles to get his opinion.

Darren said, "It seems to be very, very sharp.  It's serrated," as he looked at the packaging he continued, "It grates, garnishes, shreds, shaves, peels, and slices.  So let's put it to the test."

Darren began by peeling the cucumber.  This proved successful, even working in both directions, eventually yielding thin, long slices.  We were able to get thin round slices using the same blade for peeling.  The julienne tool worked its magic on the cucumber as well.  Next up, we tried some hard cheese.

"It shaves cheese real well.  If anybody knows, shaving cheese-getting nice thin slices of cheese is always difficult.  Of course, asiago cheese is a little harder, and it's pulling that off nicely," said Darren.

It peeled and sliced the potatoes with little effort.  Thin slices make for an excellent fresh potato chip.  Arguably one of the most difficult items to peel using traditional methods is the tomato.  Did the Titan slice through?

Darren worked his magic on the tomato using the Titan and stated, "Tomatoes are always one of the hardest things to peel.  If you're very careful with it, you can peel almost anything.  It's very, very sharp."

It seems nothing can get in the way of the Titan.

I then spoke to Darren to find out his answer.  I said, "Darren, we were able to slice a couple different products here.  What is your professional opinion on the Titan peeler?"

Darren replied, "I love it as a cheese shaver.  It peels nice ripe tomatoes, (As well as) my hydroponic cucumbers.  And you know what?  (It slices) just great potato chips."

I agreed, "You're absolutely right, delicious potato chips.  The fact that we're able to eat after using this, I would say it gets a yes."

"That's a yes, but read the directions and be real careful with it," said Darren.

So the Titan peels back a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Titan peeler sells for right around $15.  We found ours at a Lake Charles business.  The blades are covered by a lifetime warranty.  Darren warns that the Titan can be dangerous if not used properly.  It can easily slice your skin and he doesn't recommend you let children use it.  The packaging suggests you store the Titan and handle it with care due to its sharpness.

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