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By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Save A Blade razor sharpener claims to bring back the edges on those dulling blades in only five seconds.  The small battery operated device comes ready to use with two double A's included.

I was the guinea pig on this one so here's how I figured I'd test it,  "Okay, here's how the test is going to work this week.  I have my trust razor here that I have been using the same blade for the past three weeks, so it's pretty dull.  It's the typical three blade style razor here which becomes pretty expensive to replace on a regular basis.  So, I am going to shave the right side of my face with this dull razor like I have been for the past couple of weeks.  Then, come to the rescue, hopefully Save A Blade razor sharpener.  We'll put it in there for five seconds.  Sharpen the blade up and I'll try it on the left side of my face to see if I notice an improvement."

As I shaved the right side of my face, the dull blades pulled at my hairs.  I lathered the left side of my face and readied my blade for sharpening by ensuring it was wet.

I stated, "All we have to do to get this started is push the clip up, slide a wet razor blade in there, and push the button for five seconds.  Here we go...two...three...four...five.  Albeit it's a little noisy, but we're going to go ahead and look at it.  Actually, it looks a little bit brighter here.  We're going to go ahead and try it on the left side of my face.  It doesn't seem to be pulling as much as it did on the right side.  Pretty smooth shave.  Not too much of a difference, but it didn't pull as much."

The sharpener made a noticeable difference; yet, the device is designed to be used after each shave with a new blade, rather than to sharpen and excessively dull blade.

This was my final thought on the Save A Blade, "Although we used a duller blade than recommended, no matter what way you look at it the Save A Blade will not only save your razor blades, but it will also save you money."

The Save A Blade removes the stubble on a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Save A Blade sells for just under $20 at a Lake Charles business.  It is not designed for razor cartridges that have retention wires over the blades, so check your razors before you spend the cash.  I did not test the battery life or of course the life of sharpening member.

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