7Teen Report: Academy TV tackles film competition

Reported by 7Teen Reporter Alex Gilbert:

Television production students at Lake Charles-Boston Academy of Learning recently got to put their video production skills to the test at the largest scholastic video and broadcasting convention in the country.

They joined more than 1,200 students at the Student Television Network Convention in Orlando.

The trip began with a cheer, "We're going to Florida."

With that, the 1650 mile roundtrip to the convention was on. And so was the challenge for six TV production students and one web design student from Lake Charles-Boston Academy of Learning.

We joined middle and high school students from all over the country.

1st student says, "Gilbert, Arizona."

2nd student says, "Westchester, Pennsylvania."

3rd student says, "Valencia, California."

We attended breakout sessions and heard from top film and news experts, but the highlights of the convention were the 13 on-site video contests.

Academy TV competed in music video, commercial and one of the toughest competitions of all... "The Sweet 16 Film Contest."

Junior Adonis Thibodeaux says, "We had 16 hours to finish a script they gave us. We had to shoot it, shoot the whole thing, and then try to turn it in before the time was up."

The 16 hours started at 7am after a 6:30 briefing and would end at 11pm the same day.

We worked non stop all day.

We dealt with technical and time challenges, but we forged on.

We documented the final few minutes of our race to the finish, not knowing if we would make the deadline.

Our video was turned in at exactly 11pm and no seconds to spare.

Senior Sean McKinney says, "Even as stressful as it was, I probably had the most fun editing. That entire movie was great. The last three hours were exhilarating."

After, more than 20 hours of constant stress, exhilaration, hard work and Mountain Dew, we're going home with 3rd place in film.