Children's Museum insurance answers

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Shortly after its twenty-first birthday, all that remains on the first floor of the Children's Museum is empty space and soot covered walls. In the early morning of April, 22 a tragic fire consumed the first floor of the museum and almost all of the exhibits on that floor. The community has, since then, come out in a big way, by donating their time and money, to help rebuild.

"Whenever I was a student in school here in Lake Charles, I have been to the Children's Museum. It's a good opportunity to help them get back on their feet, get this place cleaned up, and start over again," said Matthew Gudry.

But, some have asked "why the need for donations", and, "why are the damages not covered under their insurance policy."

"The Children's Museum is a non-profit organization. We rent the building we are in, and we do have quite a bit of exhibits here in the museum. Those were built primarily by volunteers. And as such, they do not carry a lot of insurance value on them," said Dan Ellender, Executive Director of the Children's Museum.

And because of this, the board made a decision to devote most of their insurance budget to liability insurance, rather than pay to insure exhibits that depreciate quickly, and hold low insurance value.

"We are very eager to get back. We are shooting for early summer to get back up and running," said Dan Ellender.

And, they hope to reach that goal with the continuing help of the community.