Decline in the demand for newsprint has the paper industry making some cuts

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A number of the newly unemployed are coming from the paper and timber industry, like the workers who were laid off when the Boise plant scaled back production in DeRidder. Those job cuts were the result of another industry struggling in the current economy.

Sometimes to find out which industries rely on each other to turn a profit, you have to follow the paper trail.

"We handle the local news of Beauregard Parish. It is a niche that you won't get on the Internet," said Beaux Victor

Beaux Victor is the publisher at the Beauregard Daily newspaper. And in these tough economic times you are starting to see, when one industry suffers other industries have problems as a result. In this case, the Boise paper mill is having to make some cutbacks due to the declining demand for news print.

Because newspapers are shrinking the size of their actual product they are not using as much paper as they were before.

"Things we have done to cut on expenses is, we have used a smaller width of paper. So, we are using less paper as a result," said Beaux Victor.

And the paper is now narrower by an inch. Less paper means less costs. Victor says their cutback alone is not enough to cause trouble for the paper industry, but their paper is not the only one making these changes.

"We are a small newspaper. This is just a glimpse on what is being done around the country," said Beaux Victor.

Nevertheless, Victor and his staff at the Beauregard Daily News are optimistic about the future of their newspaper.

"People are still buying the paper. We are not going anywhere. We hope to be here for a long time," said Beaux Victor.