The Make a Wish foundation sends one kid on a trip to the mall

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Make a Wish Foundation sent Cole Guillory on a shopping trip. Two years ago Cole was diagnosed with Shogrens Syndrome, Rumatoid Arthritis, and Lupus. When asked what his wish was, Cole said, he wanted to go to the mall.

"I am going to buy a wii, an Xbox, and a pool," said Cole Guillory.

But, Cole had to get there first. Make a Wish arranged for a limo to pick up Cole and his family and bring them to the mall in style. And when they arrived, the red carpet was rolled out with paparazzi to go along with it. But these paparazzi came with gifts.
Cole's mother said Cole could not wait to get started.

"He has been counting down the days. At 5:30 this morning he was counting down the hours. He is so excited," said Cole's mother, Jennifer Guillory.

Watching the calendar was no easy task. Cole wanted to make sure a certain family member could be there.

"We actually put this off for a couple of weeks. Cole wanted his big brother to be there with him. He was serving in the military in Iraq. Cole and his brother are very close," said Jennifer Guillory.

After his quick stop down the walk of fame, it was time to get started. Cole made his way through the mall with his entourage close behind.

"He is our shy child. Out of four children he never wanted to take pictures. And now, he is like a star," said Jennifer Guillory.

A star who had his wish come true.

The Make a Wish Foundation sent Cole on a $2,100 shopping trip.  But, by the end of the trip Cole walked away with over $6,000 in donations from stores in the mall and other places around the Lake Area.

Coushatta Casino Resort
Subway- Ragley
American Eagle
Dippin Dots
Gilbert and Belinda Torres
Sunglass Hut
LifeTouch -JCP Photo
Bayou Sportsman
Wendi's Flower Cart
Bow Boutique
Hot Topic
Underground Station
Radio Shack
Bath And Body
Sam Goody
Great American Cookie
Candy Craze
Select Comfort
Cellular Depot
Simon Mall