Police seize hundreds of marijuana plants and illegal weapons

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Investigators have found hundreds of marijuana plants growing on the grounds of a home and business off Houston River Road near Sulphur. And investigators found illegal weapons too. The owner and his son have been arrested.

It was an under cover investigation spanning several months that led Louisiana State and Sulphur Police to 910 East Houston River Road. On the property of 61 year old David Allen Linderman, they found hundreds of marijuana plants and several illegal firearms. The firearms included a grenade launcher and gun with a silencer and a fifty caliber weapon, all of which were taken to the Sulphur Police Department for processing.

Earlier, in a building next to Linderman's home, they found what they call an indoor grow with special lights to cultivate the plants. Then outside, under a canopy,  are smaller plants, some just getting started.  And there's another crop on the east side of the family home.

Troop D State Police Sergeant Stephen LaFargue says the operation has apparently been here for several years. "The operation Mr. Linderman had was a motorcycle shop which probably was his legitimate job and then his illegal job was the cultivation of marijuana and the selling of marijuana. There was distribution that was coming out of this residence so marijuana was being sold to area residents in Southwest Louisiana from this address."

Next to the room where plants were being cultivated is what police describe as Linderman's motorcycle business where he apparently worked on bikes and sold other items such as leather vests and shirts. In all, police say they recovered some 50 guns, though not all were necessarily illegal.

Police say Linderman did resist arrest. "Linderman was arrested off site, off the property. During the arrest he resisted arrest. He was tased at that time. We did transport him to St. Pat's Hospital according to procedure. Anytime someone is tased we transport them for their medical condition to make sure they're okay."

David Linderman and his son Frank, who's 20 years old, were arrested for cultivating marijuana and distribution of marijuana. David Linderman was also arrested for possession of illegal weapons. At last word, the older Linderman was still at Christus St. Patrick Hospital. Once released he will be brought to the Calcasieu Jail.

David Linderman was arrested at a location other than his home, but police have not disclosed where.