Search continues for two illegal immigrants

By Lee Peck - bio | email

JOHNSON BAYOU, LA (KPLC) - Johnson Bayou High School remained on lock down much of the day after two illegal immigrants escaped U.S. Border Patrol custody, but not before being handcuffed together.

"They haven't turned up yet, but they will eventually. They have no place to go, they have no money, no shoes, no phones... They'll turn up," said U.S. Border Patrol Agent In Charge Fred Haney.

Cameron Parish Sheriff's deputies were called in to assist bringing in the dogs and the chopper. The search centered not far from Constance Beach where the two illegals, believed to be brothers, were working.

"The choppers were out here for three to four hours. Trouble is this brush out here just doesn't spread out like it does in the desert, it's mostly brush and they can be hiding under it. And it just doesn't spread out with the helicopter," explained Haney.

When both the helicopter and dogs failed, authorities turned to nearby residents. Authorities had an eagle eye view from Lynn Kaucher's porch.

"I have my binoculars out. You could see the vehicles stationed in various areas. So they're still on the look out and they don't think they have left the area," said Kaucher.

Authorities say fresh footprints ended somewhere near a heavy thicket of trees, where the marsh is near shoulder deep. And if the snakes and gators aren't enough to make them surrender, Thomas Cormier says, "If they are in there tonight, the mosquitoes are going to get them and they'll get out of there."

As the sun goes down, residents settle in for what's likely to be a long night. "I hope they get them... I'd sure sleep better. I would sleep better if I would know," said Cormier.

Whether it's sooner or later authorities are ready. Meanwhile at last check, Johnson Bayou students will report to school Wednesday and depending on the outcome of the overnight searches will likely be on lock down.