McNeese wins in a national recycling contest

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It did not take an LSU Tiger, or an ivy leaguer from Yale, McNeese took top honors at the Super Bowl of recycling.

O'DONELLE:  "We handled up on all the universities. Every university in the country is not as good as us," said John O'Donnell, President of Blue and Gold Goes Green.

The Blue and Gold Goes Green movement was spearheaded by John O'Donelle who says it feels good to know they are making a difference, especially with the number one title.

O'DONELLE:  "It feels pretty good. All of our hard work really paid off. It was a lot of hard work so, it feels good," said John O'Donnell.

"It feels great. It does not surprise me that we have ranked number one in the nation because, since day one, Blue and Gold Goes Green has been one hundred and ten percent," said Matthew Duplichan, volunteer with Blue and Gold Goes Green.

And with the recent success McNeese has seen with their recycling operation, it has spurred some of us at KPLC to get involved, realizing it really is not that hard to make that extra effort. 
Ross Conner, McNeese student and content coordinator at KPLC, says it was the good example set by some determined McNeese students that made him get involved.

"I saw what McNeese was doing, and them being number one in the country, I got inspired. We go through so much white paper at KPLC every day, we could pitch in and help do our part," said Ross Conner.

And that is exactly what the Blue and Gold Goes Green campaign is all about.

"It is our goal to get the whole city involved. We really wanted to assume that position," said John O'Donnell.

"Everyone has to realize the each person makes a single contribution. But, when everybody does it together, that is what makes the difference," said McNeese Professor, Cheryl Ware.

This is a point proven by their number one status in the nation.