2009 Lake Front Car Show

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The 2009 Lake Front Car Show was the perfect place to be for a car lover.

"Anything you could imagine that you have never seen before. You need to come check it out because you don't see it every day," said Roger Miller

Over five-hundred different kinds of vehicles packed the Lake Charles Civic Center with style, rims and even big screen tv's. We started our tour with a 1955 Ford Sunliner.

"It's supposed to be roughly one of 400 of the scheme made and I've owned this car for 53 years," said Donald Dominique.

Right next to the Sunliner was a 1982 380-SL Mercedes Benz convertible.

"I always wanted something like this. When people come by and say this is a car I've always wanted, it's amazing how people just like this type of car," said Garland Clark.

From the classics to the big guns, Ricky Rygaard owns a 2008 Tahoe.

"It's pretty cool. They like to be flashy and these kinds of days it's popular to be flashy.  They like nice stuff like this," said Ricky Rygaard.

If you thought the Tahoe was flashy, the GMC was styling.

"I enjoy it and I don't drive it that much. I am still thinking about more things to put back on there but for now I like this because everybody sees it and it attracts attention," said Caesar Davila.

Every car here at the show is special but the 2006 Super Comp Dragster stood out.

"It competes in NARH Racing and we compete in division four in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi," said Archie Fruge.