Big Rig Rescue training for area emergency responders

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A small vehicle is no contest for an out-of-control big rig, barreling down the interstate. And, to better prepare themselves, firefighters from all over Southwest Louisiana put their skills to the test at the Big Rig Rescue course.

"We wanted this to be as close to real life scenarios as possible," said Todd Parker with the Calcasieu Parish Emergency Response Training Center.

And, it was as real as it gets. Real big rigs were turned over onto real cars, allowing the firefighters to use real tools to get the job done. Firefighter Frank Lorenz, explains the tunnel technique.

"You start at the back of the car. We remove the trunk, the back support, and the glass. Now, we will remove the back seat. Then, we will lay the front seat down, allowing us to get a board in there to the victim," said Frank Lorenz with the DeQuincy Fire Department.

Billy Leach, is instructing this course and says the training is very beneficial. But, it is something that many firefighters around the country are lacking.

"It is a very unique program, in the fact that very few people in the United States have been trained in overturns and underides, particularly in the instance of a large, heavy big rig," said Billy Leach.

Everyone taking part in Big Rig Rescue said it is training like this that saves lives.

"We are learning some new techniques, not only that we can use on big rig rescues, but some we can use on regular vehicle extractions," said Firefighter, Chris Vice.

"I believe everyone here is going to walk away learning something new that they can take back, and possibly save a life," said Todd Parker.

A service not only for area firefighters, but also for the drivers in Southwest Louisiana, training your emergency responders on how to better care for you.