Lens Coating Options for Glasses

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Lens coatings can enhance the performance of your eyeglass lenses. If you wear glasses or you're in the market for a new pair, this Healthcast shows you which coatings are right for you.

As technology advances, so do eyeglass lenses. If you're shopping around for a new set, Dr. Chad East with The Eye Clinic says there are some specifics you need to know when it comes to lens coatings.  "They range from UV protection to scratch-resistant coatings to anti-reflective coatings and also mirrored finishes," says Dr. East.

Once your optometrist gives you a prescription for eye glasses, you'll sit down with an optician to find out what will work best for your lifestyle.  Optician Doris Oeder says, "If they're indoors, under fluorescent lighting, an anti-reflective coating works well because it's going to take away the glare that's sometimes produced on your computer screen." Anti-reflective coatings improve both the vision through the lenses and the appearance of the glasses.

When it comes to protecting your eyes, if you don't get the ultraviolet coating , you could have serious optical damage down the road.  "It's a contributing factor to cataracts, also potentially some retinal damage and some other problems," says Dr. East.

The coatings that lean more on the cosmetic side are mirror - which keeps your eyes hidden from view, and scratch-resistant - which will keep your eyewear protected longer. The choice is up to you when it comes to selecting lenses that will give you optimum vision in different situations.  Oeder says, "A lot of these coatings you can't see and you have to really explain the benefits for the patient to understand what they're getting as a value in their glasses."

It's important to talk to your optician before you order lenses about your preferences and options with coatings. Coatings are most effective when they are done by the manufacturer with the initial order.