High-speed trains could speed through the Lake Area

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Driving on the interstate can cause many drivers to steam especially if they're stuck in traffic. But it seems a solution is on a fast track with President Obama committing to high-speed rail service in the United States.

Lake Charles resident Angela Mallett says, "I think it's a great idea.  The Lake Charles area needs a better way to get around because some of us are scared to death of planes and we can only drive.  I think it's a wonderful idea and it's also a great idea for the visually impaired people in the area."

Ruth Moreau, also a Lake Charles resident, says, "For one thing you wouldn't have to drive yourself and it would be fast.  It would probably cut down on travel time."

The President has unveiled his administration's blueprint for a new national network of high-speed passenger rail lines.  The plan identifies 10 potential high-speed intercity corridors for federal funding, including one for the Gulf Coast.

President Obama says, "Imagine boarding a train in the center of a city...no racing to an airport and across a terminal.  No delays, no sitting on the tarmac, no lost luggage, no taking off your shoes.  Imagine whisking through towns at speeds over 110-mph, walking only a few steps to public transportations, and ending up just a few blocks from your destinations."

The Gulf Coast high-speed rail corridor whisks from Houston all the way to Atlanta.  There's even a proposed stop for Lake Charles, which could have a huge economic impact on the lake area.

City Administrator John Cardone says, "These people travel from one location to another with the opportunity to stop here, get out and see the sights, eat at restaurants, enjoy Louisiana, and then get back on the rail and head to other areas."

The current rail terminal in Lake Charles remains unstaffed with very little activity, but with the help of President Obama's plan we could soon see a crowd of people from all across the country.