Property tax to support public library system

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Libraries are not what they used to be. They still have books but, with evolving new technology, the library has done some evolving of its own. You can now surf the internet, rent DVD's, CD's, and even reserve books online. This is something the library system prides itself on but, it does cost.

"We have an obligation to maintain and get new technology. You cannot use a computer that is four or five years old. We have a program that will replace those computers," said Michael Sawyer, director of the Calcasieu Parish Library System.

This is a program that you have been paying for through a property tax. This is money that public library director, Michael Sawyer says, they cannot afford to lose.

"If we do not get the money you are not going to have a library system. I have worked in 8 different library systems and in my opinion this is, by far, the best I have had the opportunity to oversee. I am particularly proud of this library system and I would not want to see anything happen to it.

Stephanie McGehee visited the library to work on a school project. She says, the library is a place that can benefit everyone.

"I think it is really kind of cool because, not everyone can go to the store and pick up a book. But, they can come here and check out a book, read it, bring it back on time, and even check it out again," said Stephanie McGehee.

"I think it is wonderful. I look forward to this for my grandchildren. They are getting up there in age and we need this. I have one daughter and she does not have that much money. Where else would they get this if it was not for the library," said Cathy Durio.

And, with your help the Calcasieu Parish Public Library System hopes the next chapter in its future is one that reads of success.