4 month old's death ruled a homicide

By Amanda Ward - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A Westlake mom's boyfriend is behind bars accused of killing her four month old son.

"I was leaving for work, when he came running out and he said the baby wasn't breathing," said Tonya Martin.

De'Anthony Lucas Martin was rushed to a local hospital, but pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

The coroner said the autopsy proves the injuries to the child's head and face are not accidental and ruled the baby's death a homicide.

"Throughout our interviews, we learned that the person responsible for those injuries was the mother's boyfriend, Joseph Spinks," said CPSO Cmdr. Mike Byrne.

Byrne said Spinks admitted to causing the injuries.

Spinks, who is already on probation for forgery is now back in custody of Calcasieu Correction Center charged with manslaughter. Bond is set at $1,000,000.

Meanwhile, that's no comfort for the mother.

"The time he's going to get ain't long enough. I'll never have my baby back," she cried. "He was so young. He didn't get to do nothing. He didn't get to crawl. He didn't get his first tooth. He was innocent. He didn't do nothing," she continued.

The family hopes their story will help raise awareness to parents to think twice about whom they trust with their kids.

"He was always so good with our kids," said Tonya's twin sister, Regina, "please, mammas, if you're single, and you start dating, please make sure you know men before you bring them around your children. We only thought we knew him," Regina added.

Spinks is expected to be in court this week.