Lake Charles Tea Party

By Amanda Ward - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It could be the start of a new April 15th tradition--tea parties.

At least a thousand people crowded the Lake Charles Sea Wall to show their disapproval of what's happening in Washington D.C.

"Basically people need to wake up to what's really going on, because if things don't get better, we're all going to be in trouble," said Brian Averly.

Event Organizer Heather Johnson passed around a petition against Senator Mary Landrieu.

"Basically, we disagree with the way she's been voting. She voted for the Stimulus package without even reading it or knowing what was in it. She's not voting the way we want her to. And, this is basically a pink slip for her that says if you don't start listening to the people, you're fired," said Johnson.

The thousand or more people were decked out in patriotic clothing, waving American flags, and also protest signs.

Wilson Pasanie and his wife Suzanne's sign read, "D.C.'s Spending is Killing the American Dream!"

"The benefits that are available now, I'm afraid they're going to be cut, with this new change that they're having. And, it frightens me. I think all of this big spending that they are doing is going to hurt us all in the long run," said Wilson Pasanie.

"I think there's nothing for the small business man, the ones who are starting out, especially people who are retiring and want to go into small business after retirement. Their taxes are going to hurt that guy... that small business guy," said Suzanne Wilson.

Tea parties went on across the country, at least 60 reported in Texas and another 15 in Louisiana.

If your American History is a little rusty, the tea parties are inspired by the Boston Tea Party, when in 1773, outrage over British taxes on tea pushed colonists to dump three ship loads of tea into the Boston Harbor.