Green Fuels Group in Lacassine loses investor

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Big changes at a Lacassine sugarcane mill are evident. Louisiana Green Fuels has confirmed that an investor has pulled out and there are other changes being made. The Lacassine sugar mill will stand idle during this fall's harvest.  In the past, the cane was turned into syrup that was shipped out to be turned into ethanol.  Now, the harvested sugarcane will be sent away to be processed. The company says, the move will allow them to focus on building the nations first sucrose to ethanol producing facility.

"That will allow us to devote the time that we have to the completion of the 25-million gallons per year producing ethanol facility, which would be the nations first sucrose to ethanol producing facility. Once we have the ethanol facility operating then we will be able to, not just operate the diffuser for sugarcane to get the juices we can convert to ethanol, but also we have made extraordinary strides with the production and the growth of sweet sorgam. That will allow us to grow sweet sorgam twice a year and process it through that same diffuser, extracting the juices that can be turned into ethanol," said Randal Johnson with Green Fuels Group.

This is a process that will allow them to go from a 60 to 90 day production season to a year-round production season. Randal Johnson says, green fuels group is in negotiations with other possible investors.