Post offices don't extend hours on tax day

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The United States Post Office was filled with people, most of who were mailing off a very important document.

Lake Charles resident Stacy Mack says, "I'm putting my taxes in before the deadline.  I always wait until the last minute, which is terrible."

Mack isn't the only one who waits until the last minute to file her taxes, but for those who didn't make it to the post office by 5 o'clock their luck may have run out.  In the past, U.S. Post Offices have stayed open until around midnight, so residents have plenty of time to send off their tax return. However, this year, post offices are sticking with their regularly scheduled hours.  Daisy Comeaux, a regional spokeswoman for the postal service, says the reasoning behind this decision is because more people are E-filing and they don't see the need for the post offices to stay open late.  But some residents are upset at this decision because they say they could use the extra hours.

Tariq Javed says, "That's not good because we would have gotten an extra seven hours."

Others take full responsibility for waiting until the last minute.

Shirley Olivier says, "I knew my taxes were due on the 15th.  This is the due date.  Maybe the thing is I'm off on Wednesday and this was a convenient time for me.  I think that it's an imposition for the postal employee to stay open until 12 AM."