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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The SmoothAway pads are by far the most recommended product to test since we began our "Does it Work?" series.  We tested the pads to see if they truly were a painless way to remove hair.

I began by explaining what I found upon opening the box, "Inside the box, we have this travel case.  Inside the travel case we found the large applicator and the small applicator, and then five individual pads here, the SmoothAway pads.  Just feeling them, it's smoother than some of the smoothest sandpaper I've felt out there, so I'm kind of curious to see how these hair removing crystals will work.  It does come with and instruction sheet, front and back, and there are a lot of instructions on there including that your skin should be clean and dry, the hair should be less than a quarter inch long.  It's safe to be used on both male and female bodies, but it does recommend that you don't use it on the top of your head if you're a male trying to smooth away some of the hair off your head, or a male beard.  So we're going to have to give it a try and see how it's going to work."

I began by peeling away the backing and placing the pad onto the applicator.  Then in an alternating clockwise to counterclockwise fashion, I attempted to remove some hair from my hand.  After about a minute, it seemed to remove all the light and thin hair from the area of my hand, without pain.

Lea Anne Wood from sales offered to try the large pad on her arm.  She said, "It doesn't hurt at all, it has very smooth feel to it.  The hair is actually rubbing away, it's real smooth right there.  It takes a little bit of time it seems like."

Next our Julie Fay tried it out on her leg.  She had this to say:
"It took a little longer than I thought, but it didn't hurt at all, much better than waxing, and it worked!"

Although the instructions recommended against it, I was curious to try it out on my two days worth of stubble; however, I did not succeed in removing this rough hair.  As long as you have some extra time and energy, SmoothAway would be a great addition to your hair removal kit.  So it rubs its way to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We found a package of SmoothAway with five small and five large crystal pads at local Lake Charles business for $9.99.

Here are few additional tidbits before you decide to purchase the pads.  It is not recommended for people with any skin conditions or those diagnosed with diabetes.  The instructions also suggest you apply moisturizer to the skin where the hair has been removed.  We did not test the pads to see how long each one would last; and the instructions only suggest replacement when the user feels that the pads seem to be losing effectiveness.

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