Boustany visits Port of Lake Charles

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Congressman Charles Boustany stopped by the Port of Lake Charles to speak with port officials and board members about how he can aid the 11th largest port in the United States in their everyday operations.  While there, the Congressman discussed job creation in Southwest Louisiana and he highlighted the importance of American energy production.

Boustany says, "Clearly we need a good, comprehensive energy policy for the United States and this port is going to play a vital role in that.  I'm working to maintain both the port's competitiveness and also to come up with a good, comprehensive policy that meets the energy needs of the country in a reasonable way."

Boustany also talked about many other issues related to the operation of the port, including dredging.

He explains, "What happens is you have materials that collect at the bottom of the channel and that starts to narrow it and lessen its depth.  That slows down the traffic of vessels.  This channel is authorized to be 400 feet wide and 40 feet in depth and over the past several years it has not been at that level."

Congressman Boustany has been successful in getting dredging funds to meet the needs of ports.  Now, he's working towards restructuring the harbor maintenace trust fund, the money that allows for dredging, so ports like the Port of Lake Charles have the ability to access those funds more easily.