"Walk with Jesus"

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - Members of St. Theodore Church say they are starting their good Friday off on the right foot, because they are walking with Jesus.

St. Theodore Church has been performing their "Walk with Jesus," for the last seven or eight years. The walk is a reenactment of the day Christ was crucified.

Director of the event, Christopher Johnson stated, "This event here is actually a living prayer and testimony to what He did before."

People came to walk with Jesus to honor His sacrifice on Good Friday and to send a message.

"I like the element of public awareness," Johnson said, "People pass by and see Jesus carrying the cross and the soldiers harassing Him, people following Him mourning, and things such as that."

For on lookers, this event served as a reminder, and for it's youthful participants, it was an amazing experience.

Andrew Singer, who portrayed Jesus said, "I spent a lot of time in admiration and in prayer, just really preparing for the role. It symbolizes everything of our life, why and how we are able to live."

The entire cast was full of young faces like Andrew, and they all said that being able to take part in this event today, has helped them to truly understand what Easter is all about.

Emily Hebert played the role of Mary, she added, "You read it in the Bible, [but] when you actually play it out, it becomes that much more special."

Singer continued,"This really helps them [youth] kind of take it to the next level of what Jesus went through and how and why."

Jakob Ihli, a soldier in the reenactment stated, "I think that it will give me a better understanding of how to explain it to others and how to really share it with others."

The students learned an invaluable lesson on this Good Friday that they say they will remember forever, and that has Christopher Johnson pleased with the outcome of the event. He stated, "To see the young people come along and be very enthusiastic about it and that are moved in the right direction, in the spiritual direction, it makes me feel really good."