Crawfish supply low on Good Friday

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's one of the busiest days to buy crawfish in Lake Charles, but it wasn't the best.

"We're selling crawfish, that's the good thing. The bad thing is we don't have enough crawfish," said Brad Soileau.

The demand is high but the supply is very low. Brad Soileau has owned JT's Seafood for twenty-five years. Last year, he sold over fourteen hundred sacks of crawfish. This year he can only sell 800.

"Drought, freeze killing young crawfish earlier in the year, and could be the hurricane. The good Lord knows, we don't," said Soileau.

There are many sacks of crawfish left at JT's Seafood but you can't buy them. They're all reserved.  Many customers are glad they thought ahead.

"We knew how much family was coming in so we got on the list and we're here today to pick it up," said Bruce Brocka.

"Three weeks in advance. I looked up last week and was only able to order two sacks at that time," said Rolanda McClendon.

Some weren't so lucky

"It's heartbreaking but it's a high demand for crawfish. First come, first serve. If you get it your lucky and if you don't, so be it," said Alfred Ned.

"I am very angry.  Louisiana is known for crawfish and everywhere you turn, there's a place where they have crawfish," said Jacqueline Chapman

Not today. Although, Soileau makes his living off crawfish and other seafood, he says Good Friday's about the one who saved his life.

"It's all about Jesus this week. That's the main thing," said Soileau.