Local mother uses the Safe Haven law to drop off her newborn

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It is happening more and more. In just the last two months two mothers in the Lake Charles area decided they were unable to properly care for their newborn child. So, they used the Safe Haven law. This allowed them to drop their child off without penalty.

"Earlier this month we had a mother who decided she was unable to care for her new born. She decided to use Louisiana's Safe Haven law and drop her baby off at a Lake Charles area hospital," said Trey Williams with the department of Social Services.

And, because of this Trey Williams says, the newborn is in good health with a bright future ahead.

"He is in great health, and is now a part of Louisiana's foster care system. We are taking steps to put him up for adoption," said Trey Williams.

And, it is not just hospitals that will take the newborns. Mother's seeking assistance can stop by any area police station or fire department.

"We, at the fire department, are always interested in serving the public and protecting life. The idea that they can drop that child off at the fire station, rather than harming the child, is certainly the way to go. And, if this should happen, we are ready and willing to except the child," said Chief Mark Degenhardt with the Moss Bluff Fire Deprtment.

To find out how the Safe Haven law works, the Department of Social Services has information on their website, as well as pages on both Facebbok and Myspace. You can join to share your support and find out how you can help spread the word, on a law that could save a child's life.

Department of Social Services