PPG plans to restore the wetlands

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - PPG is looking to start another project promoting restoration and it's the final phase of their various projects. From the canal re-route project to the wetlands project, PPG is looking to create twenty acres of wetlands right by the Interstate 210 Bridge.

"It offers an opportunity to the public to see coastal restoration happening right under the 210 bridge," said Mike Huber.

"All dredge material in Louisiana should be used beneficially. This is a highly visible project that will enable us to show as a model project," said David Richard.

The wetlands are being created through private funds, using materials dredged from the re-routing process. These wetlands will serve many purposes.

"It rebuilds marshland that used to be here thirty years ago and also it enhances all the marine organisms that which helps our world class fisheries that we have here in the Calcasieu River Estuary," said Rusty Vincent.

"Primarily environmental related and for the animals and fish who utilize the wetlands. I think it's a great educational tool for our community," said Huber

Dean Roberts is the nursery manager for Stream Wetland Services. He oversees the plants and exactly knows how each plant will help create the wetlands.

"Each of them are unique in what they bring as for as complementing this project. Some grow at a lower elevation and some grow higher. Some are more salt tolerant and so it's a real diverse mix of plants that we are going to bring," said Dean Roberts.

The new area of wetlands plans to go a long way in restoring the estuary. They believe this project will serve as a model for other wetland projects.

"We're hoping this will be a picture that people can look at and use for other projects in the future," said Vincent.

"It's a model project to show governments and other individuals where we can use dredge material beneficially to grow marsh that we've lost over the years," said Richard.

It's another sign of progress to better our environment.  They will finish planting the wetlands by the end of this month. They expect the plants to be fully grown in about a year and a half.