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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Meteorologist Kellie Hutchinson has a bit of a problem, "Man I just need a Snuggie in my life...My hands need to be free!...It's cold in this storm center."

If you share the same problem as Kellie and numerous others all across America, the blanket with sleeves known as the Snuggie could be a comforting solution.

Kellie explains her need for warmth and mobility, "I just needed something to cover my arms so that I could have my hands free.  I really just wanted to use the remote and maybe pet my dog without having to stick my hands out of the other side of the blanket.  I think the Snuggie is going to work!"

Kellie forecasts success for her 71"x54" fleece blanket, so let's put it to the test.

"First you've got the sleeves right here.  Put one arm in each sleeve.  Now we've got an open back here, kind of keeps your backside a little cold, but I guess if you sit down, it solves that problem," says Kellie.

Now she says that she is warm, but the mobility claim is what we are searching for next.

Kellie says, "I totally can move my hands around to go for a glass of water, read a book, or maybe change the channel on a television.  Now if I try to get up, it's a little long for me and it may need to be hemmed; but, I'm a pretty short gal."

Besides the potential tripping hazard when walking, the Snuggie seems to hold up to its claims for warmth and mobility.  The simple blanket requires only a simple explanation.  Kellie, take it away!

"The claims on the box that the Snuggie has about keeping you warm, keeping your hands free are certainly true.  I would say besides the open back as long as you're lying down, the Snuggie is Snuggalicious," exclaimed Kellie.

The Snuggie wraps itself a round a cozy YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Snuggie sells four about $20 at local Lake Charles businesses.  If you don't like the blue color, you can order additional prints and colors.

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