Lake Charles fire takes the lives of two teenagers

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - An early morning fire takes the lives of two teenagers in the 3100 block of Warren Street.

"We had an apartment/garage fire that took place at 3:21 a.m. We had three Lake Charles fire stations respond to this incident. As crews arrived, they saw visible smoke and flames coming from this garage apartment. After extinguishing the flames, it was discovered that two fatalities that took place in this accident," said Captain Jeremy LeBlanc.

Just eighteen years old, Ashley Renee Cook and William Kyle Richard died from exposure to carbon monoxide through smoke inhalation.

"It definitely takes its toll on the firemen, the firefighters, all the individuals involved, the investigators, and the incident commanders," said LeBlanc.

It's a tragic scene that no one wants to ever see happen especially when it involves the deaths of two teenagers. Most of the fire damage occurred in the garage just behind the property's main residence. Fire officials tell us this fire may have been prevented.

"The fire began due to a smoking material that was left unattended, this was an accident fire. This can happen so many times in so many different homes. Sometimes it can be called carelessness, somebody not paying attention, it's just an accidental scene," said LeBlanc.

One person who was staying there survived the fire. That person, whose identity has not been released, was interviewed earlier today.

"Right now, he's a little shaken up. He escaped and he tried his best to help his friends out," said LeBlanc.

He tried but he couldn't save them. It's another fire here in Lake Charles leaving tragedy behind.