Hobo's twenty-third birthday party

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It was a birthday party like no other.  Hobo the cat turned twenty-three years old.

"We are celebrating Hobo's twenty-third birthday party," said Kamryn Avery.

"It's very special for Hobo the cat and I think more for people who love Hobo the cat because Hobo's the kind of cat that adds to our world," said Carol Cain.

"Today is wonderful. We're celebrating Hobo's twenty-third birthday and we're also celebrating the success of our shelter," said Robin Anderson.

Friends of Hobo celebrated at the Hobo Hotel. It's a place where unwanted cats can find a home while also keeping them safe.

"Primarily the cats are survivors. We try to help control the cat population throughout the area and to get these cats spayed and neutered, and find homes for them," said Jim Anderson.

"We have to remember to neuter and spay. We have cats now that we need to be placed in homes, adoption, or foster," said Carolyn Rouyer.

The average cat lives to be around twelve to fifteen years old. Hobo may be twenty-three, but this cat still looks good.

"I think a lot of people are saying she's not twenty-three years old but yes she is," said Kamryn Avery.

"You can't really tell she's twenty-three years old. She's playful like a little kitten," said Arlene Avery.

It was a special day for the Hobo Hotel and Hobo the cat who turned twenty-three years old. Everyone had something special to say about this wonderful cat.

"Hobo the cat is special because she's all love and I think that this is the thing I learn from a lot of cats," said Cain.

"They sniff my hand and it tickles," said Leah Kearney.

"She's just a love to be around. She will paw your face to give you attention," said Arlene Avery.

"She is so soft, she's so loving, and she gets along with everybody," said Kamryn Avery.

While Hobo is your ordinary cat, she's making a difference everyday for cats who need homes and cat lovers who want to adopt.