Mayor Randy Roach ready to serve the city again

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Lake Charles voters have spoken.  Mayor Randy Roach was re-elected to a third-consecutive term. Roach beat challenger Billy Pharr in nearly every precinct with a total of seventy-eight percent of the vote.

The election is over and Mayor Randy Roach has four more years to serve the City of Lake Charles.

"I can't thank you enough for participating in the process because the process is important. Elections are what define us as the people. I appreciate everybody who is involved and those who supported my opponent, those who supported me.  The process helps us focus on the issues of our community, of our people, and the issues of our children," said Mayor Randy Roach.

One of the key issues during Mayor Roach's campaign was to maintain the pace of progress for the city. His administration plans to keep doing that in this third term.

"The thing we need to remember is that it's not about speed, not about how fast you do something, and it's how well you do something. We're going to make sure this is done the right way," said Roach.

Downtown and Lakefront development is a work in progress. Mayor Roach believes this project can transform Southwest Louisiana.

"Lay a strong foundation for the growth and development of this community because what we want to do is not just build landscaping, not just build parks or marinas, but build and promote residential development along that lakefront.  Make it something not only the city can be proud of but all of Southwest Louisiana can be proud of because this truly is a regional program," said Roach.

The mayor has many goals for his third term and the future of Lake Charles looks bright.

"The next four years we're going to focus on the priorities that we defined in the bond issue. We made a commitment and we have to make sure that we honor these priorities. In addition to that, we have to take in what we've learned and expand that through the rest of the city," said Roach.

Mayor Randy Roach also congratulated political new comer Billy Pharr on his campaign for mayor.  He agreed Mr. Pharr ran a fair and excellent campaign while running against him.