Lake Charles City Council Results

Reported by Evan Johnson & Charlie Bartlett

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - In District A, incumbent Marshal Simien reclaims his seat. Simien received 51 percent of the votes.  He faced Raymond M. Fondel, Jr., who received 29 percent, and Wilford Carter, II, who received 20 percent.  Simien says, "I'm relieved, I'm glad, I'm happy, and I can't tell you how the community understands what we're trying to do and they support it.  I want to congratulate the other two guys that ran for this, Mr. Carter and Mr. Fondel. I think they ran a great race. It was positive for the community and I think the community is going to benefit from all this."

In District B incumbent Luvertha August faced Lionel Taylor and it's four more years for Luvertha August.  August received 76 percent of the votes to Taylor's 24 percent.

In District C, long time Councilman Rodney Geyen faced Paul "P. J." Geary.  It was Rodney Geyen who was the voter's choice for the next four years receiving 73 percent to Geary's 26 percent.  Geyen says, "I'm happy and we're elated about the win.  I want to thank my supporters for supporting me and in the future we want to continue doing the things that we've done in the past."

In District D, there was no competition.  Newcomer John Ieyoub was unopposed.

It was the same story in District E.  Stuart Weatherford also ran unopposed.

In District F, Anthony Lee Bartie was trying to unseat incumbent Dana Carl Jackson, but was unsuccessful.  Jackson won with 57 percent of the votes to Bartie's 43 percent.

In District G, it's now down to two candidates.  John Fontenot and Mark Eckard will face each other in a run-off on May 2nd.  If Eckard would have received one more vote, he would have won out-right.  Mark Eckard says, "I feel really good if we pull in 48 percent right now so I think with those kinds of numbers we will be able to pick that up and I feel really confident with the way it's turning out.  We'll keep hitting the pavement again. We will still be knocking on the doors and talking to people, telling them our story."

John Fontenot says, "I am ready for a run off and we will do everything in our power to let everybody know what a great job I can do for you and make this city a better place. There are many changes I want to work on.  Being a businessman, I know how it is to have a payroll and have employees and we need someone like that on our city council.  I'm American and ready to do this job."