Missing Florida dog found in Lake Charles, 3 years later

By Amanda Ward - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A Jack Russell terrier that disappeared from Miramar, Florida more than 3 years ago has been found in Lake Charles.

Calcasieu Parish Animal Services Director Rita Cavenaugh said it's because of a microchip that the little dog will soon go home.

"Someone brought her in thinking she was a stray. We scanned her, and we found a microchip, which is a big deal in getting her back home," said Cavenaugh.

They tried calling the phone numbers registered to the dog, but didn't have any luck.

So, they sent a certified letter to Toboi's owner, Barbara Apostolo.

"I was just shocked completely shocked. We still don't have her yet, but it's pretty amazing that she might come back," said Apostolo.

She said her family was heartbroken when Toboi ran away and was nearly shocked to tears when she got the letter from Calcasieu Parish 3 years later.

"We called them right away and we had the letter that said respond within 3 days, and that was March 27, so we were so scared because we though they might dispose of her. But, we called right away and they said she was still fine and they still had her. So we said don't do anything to her," said Apostolo.

They're now hoping to get Toboi home. The trip is 1,038 miles. And that can be expensive. They're now hoping to get donations to help fund Toboi's travel.