Jennings mayoral race

By Adam Hooper - email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - This weekend, the citizens of Jennings have a decision to make on who they want to be their next mayor. Four candidates have thrown their hat in the ring, incumbent Terry Duhon, Jesse Ewing, "Chick" Gotreaux, and Ray Touchet.

Terry Duhon says, the people of Jennings should keep him in office so that he can continue his efforts on getting drugs off the streets of Jennings.

"And of course, my number one goal is continuing our efforts in battling the drug problem that we have here in town.  I am very committed to that, not only for the people that live here but for our children and grand children. I think there is a lot more that we can do to improve our infrastructure. We have done a lot but, there is still much more we can do," said Terry Duhon.
Jesse Ewing, is also basing much of his campaign on the growing crime rate in Jennings, and says, his experience in law enforcement makes him the obvious choice.

"Our crime rate has increased tremendously. I feel like we need a mayor that has some experience in law enforcement, someone that can protect our city, and knows what he's doing. Well, the number one thing I would do is develop a narcotics team to go in and attack the drug problem," said Jesse Ewing.  
Chick Gotreaux says, in these tough economic times his first priority will be to get the spending under control.

"The first thing that I will do is get control of the budget, and see what we have; what is coming in, what is going out, and what should not go out. We will straighten that up. And then, we can start working on recreation, helping the senior citizens, and raises for employees," said "Chick Gotreaux.

Ray Touchet is running on community involvement, and says, if he is elected mayor he will make it a group effort when it comes to making Jennings a better place.

"The thing I want to work on is community council.  That is picking two people from each district to work with me. What we will do is find the problems in each district and then we will work on a solution together. We will bring that to the city council and we will solve these problems together," said Ray Touchet.

So, no matter if it is crime, the economy, or community involvement, April 4,  the people of Jennings will have to decide what candidate best represents their interests.