Putting a face on politics

By Amanda Ward - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Buttons, yard signs, t-shirts. Old ways of getting the votes are far from out of use, but a new way of campaigning is helping Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach and Challenger Billy Pharr double the number of voters reached.

"It's not the only tool in your box, you have to use them all, but it's one good way to get your message out. And fundraising, President Obama raised 60% of his budget through the Internet," said Bill Krull with the Roach Campaign.

"The Internet is a free way of campaigning; it's a great way of campaigning. A lot of people are interested in facebook right now," said Kathryn Filo with the Pharr Campaign.

Facebook is putting a face on politics for many voters especially the younger generation. McNeese art student Clint Conner says young voters that may not otherwise get involved with politics now come face to face with it everyday.

"Everybody checks their facebook. Everyday. Like between classes. So they would see that automatically," said Conner.

Accumulating hundreds of fans, both campaign staffs agree, the Internet is changing the way candidates get elected.

"It is just amazing, and you know, it's just going to keep getting better, with the next presidential elections and future local campaigns, I'm sure we are going to have 50 more facebook situations where it just gets easier to network throughout the country," said Filo.

"It's another way to communicate. It's interactive. People feel like they are talking to the person themselves, which in fact, they are. I think any political candidate in the future, or really any business, should really take advantage of this," said Krull.

Grass Roots just went High-Tech.

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