Lake Charles City Council Race - District A

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Wilford carter, II, Raymond M. Fondel, Jr, and Marshall Simien, Jr. all want to be the next Lake Charles City Councilman for District A.

Carter says if elected he plans to attract more businesses to his community, among many other things.

Wilford Carter, II says, "We want to invite new businesses into north Lake Charles, like restaurants and car dealerships.  We also want to see what we can do to improve our roads.  We also want to see what we can do with the Calcasieu Parish School Board to help them help our schools.  As many things as we can do in north Lake Charles."

Raymond M. Fondel, Jr. says simple things, like closing ditches, need to be done in District A.  He also wants to take advantage of what he calls a major gateway.

Fondel, Jr. continues, "Railroad Avenue has access to the highway, you have the railroad, and you also have the Port of Lake Charles.  All of these things are accessible right off of one of our main thruways. We want to look to develop it.  We want to make north Lake Charles look like south Lake Charles."

Incumbent Marshall Simien, Jr. wants to finish up many of the projects he's started, but if elected to a second term his main focus will be on another issue.

Simien, Jr. says, "One of the key things I want to work on is housing.  Home ownership opportunities and affordable housing in the district because most of the stuff we have now is going to bring the service in. That's going to get the property values and make the district stronger, but now I want to work on the housing side because we're disproportionate under the amount of rentals that we have.

Carter, II, Fondel, Jr., and Simien all want to boost District A's economy, but only one will have to opportunity to carry out his plan.