Crackdown on Crime - Target ATM Theft

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's what's called a "smash and grab" and it happened at the Lake Charles Target back in August 2007 -- store surveillance cameras catching it all on tape.

"Through the course of the investigation it was discovered that someone had stolen a vehicle and smashed it into Target, literally smashed into Target, backed up and chained up an ATM and took the ATM," said Lake Charles Police Detective Jeff Keenum.

The entire operation took less than two minutes, the three masked men gone with what they came for by the time police arrived on the scene. While investigators later recovered the stolen vehicle, it now appears Lake Charles may have not been their first and final hit.

"In June 2007 a Target store in Austin, Texas had been hit, these suspects utilized the same M.O. And then two weeks after we got hit here in Lake Charles, a Target in San Antonio was struck as well. So we don't know if it's a team or not, but we would certainly like to be able to figure out who was responsible. And we are realistic and we know that the longer time goes by, the more time that is elapsed the tougher it is to find out who is responsible," explained Keenum.

Since this video first made air, it's now hit the Internet on Youtube and, with nearly 56,000 people logging on to view.

"I don't think you can ever get too much exposure when you're trying to catch the bad guys, who are responsible for committing such a heinous act, so bold and so brazen in such a well populated area," said Keenum.

If you have any new information involving this case you're asked to call the Lake Charles Police Department at 491-1311 or Crimestoppers at 439-2222.