National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana, Inc.

8200 Hampson Street, Suite 425
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118
800-462-3694 Toll Free

The National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana, was organized in 1968 in an effort to recognize the need for an organization to help patients on dialysis and those in need of a kidney transplant. Since its inception in 1968, the NKFL has provided programs and services such as Kidney Camp, Patient Support Groups, free Medic Alert Tag jewelry and Emergency Assistance Grants designed to assist those with kidney diseases in our four-state area.

Knowledge is Power The best way to prevent diseases is to truly understand the risks and causes of the disease. In an effort to educate the community regarding the risks associated with diseases of the kidney and urinary tract, brochures and publications are distributed at a variety of community events. The National Kidney Foundation is the major health organization in the United States whose sole purpose and efforts are directed toward the eradication of these diseases.