Health department investigating Hepatitis A outbreak in Louisiana

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) announced Tuesday the Louisiana Office of Public Health is investigating an outbreak of hepatitis A virus (HAV) infections.

  The dangers of weight loss surgery in other countries

Baby born 14 weeks early lives up to her name

Dementia patients receive baby dolls and stuffed dogs for Christmas

Most drug overdoses involve fentanyl, CDC finds

7 tips to stay healthy during the holidays

Diabetes and the eyes

Continued Coverage

  TrueTear helping patients with dry eye see better

New review confirms food cravings can be reduced

Christus Ochsner Wellness Screening and Genetics Center opens in Lake Charles

The dangers surrounding energy drink consumption

Cornea transplants saving patients lives

Smart Helmets: How did they work this football season?

  Dealing with depression

Recognizing the signs of depression is the first step to getting better.

Audit: Louisiana may have misspent $85M in Medicaid program

A new audit says Louisiana's health department may have paid as much as $85 million for Medicaid enrollees who didn't qualify for coverage

  Colored contacts can become hazardous for consumers

Optometrist says people wearing colored contacts coming in with infections in the eye.

First Medical Marijuana Health Clinic in Lake Charles

Total Health Clinic is Lake Charles' first medical marijuana health clinic.

LifeShare says it has a blood shortage

Four year old living with Rett syndrome

Lake Charles Memorial Hospital introduces new technology for patients with breast cancer

Woman claiming to be the victim of Medicare fraud warns others

After eight years of searching, teenager diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Local teen meets Colts through Make-A-Wish after cancer diagnosis

  Oculoplastic surgery and the conditions it treats

Oculoplastics is a specialized area of care that focuses on aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face, orbits, eyelids and lacrimal system.

New technology helping patients with cataracts

Cataracts, the clouding of the natural lense of the eye, are predominately caused by aging, according to Ophthalmologist Charlie Thompson.

Calcasieu mosquito pools test positive for Saint Louis Encephalitis

Two mosquito pools in Calcasieu Parish have tested positive for Saint Louis Encephalitis Virus, according to information from the parish.

Baby boomers are encouraged to get moving

Those born between 1946 and 1964 are encouraged to find something active they love doing.

TAKE THE QUIZ: Is that snake venomous?

Is that snake venomous?

La. Board of Medical Examiners votes to eliminate patient limit for licensed medical marijuana doctors

The Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners voted 8 to 1 Monday to begin eliminating the limit on the number of patients for which doctors can recommend therapeutic marijuana.

Low-dose aspirin increases risk of bleeding, study says

According to the studies, healthy people appear to be wasting their money by taking aspirin every day.

Parish offiicals: Mosquito outbreak in Calcasieu worst in three years

Calcasieu Parish is in the midst of the worst mosquito outbreak it has seen in three years, according to Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control officials.

Father, McNeese student, diagnosed with fast-growing brain tumor

A perfectly healthy father of four, diagnosed with a devastating form of cancer.

DeQuincy woman contracts West Nile Virus

Most people who get West Nile Virus never know they have it, according to medical professionals.Not so for 62-year-old Katherine Mounce, who says she’s never been so sick. She keeps the light dim because it hurts her eyes.

Vinton comes together for police officer with stage 4 cancer

The town of Vinton is coming together for a police officer who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Just three months ago, Officer Jason McGee received the news he had been diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer.

GRAPHIC: ‘Black, hairy tongue’: Yes, this really happens

A report in the New England Journal of Medicine said a 55-year-old woman developed the tongue condition as a side-effect to treatment of a wound infection she developed after sustaining severe leg injuries in an auto accident.

Remote Area Medical clinic needs volunteers

RAM needs volunteers to help with their free medical clinic

Sulphur mother raising awareness about Bartonella after son’s diagnosis

It's also sometimes called the "cat-scratch" disease.

US sets record high STD rates in 2017, CDC says

The CDC released its data at the National STD Prevention conference in Washington, D.C. It analyzed STD cases reported for 2013 and preliminary data for 2017.

GRAPHIC: Woman suffers second-degree burns after walking on Cameron beach

Most people would consider a walk on the beach relaxing, even romantic, which is what Natasha Naquin was after as she and her husband walked down Holly Beach on their 13th anniversary. "It was hot, but it's been awhile since I felt the sand in my feet so as we started going, it started getting hotter and hotter," Naquin said. "I burned my feet, second degree burns on both of my feet." Naquin said she tried walking into the grass, but had to go back to the ca...

19 nurses at LCMH pregnant at the same time

"There were sometimes tears," said baby Luke's mom, Ashley Fontenot. "But usually we were all happy and if we weren't getting cranky, we would just tell each other to go eat."

Cryotherapy in Lake Charles

Freezing temperatures in the middle of summer in Louisiana are far from normal... but the brief exposure to sub zero temperatures inside a cryo chamber can help people with sore muscles or pain. "The cryotherapy itself is very very tolerable and it has tremendous benefits for you." cryotherapy treatment was originally created in japan in the 1970's to help treat rheumatoid arthritis.  its since been found to help with other problems like migraines, skin conditions, an...

Back-to-school eye exams are important for school-aged kids

"Sometimes kids that are school aged they can grow quite a bit and with big growth spurts, their prescriptions can change quite a bit so the summer is the perfect time to bring them in and get them up to speed for the school year,"

Woman with stage 4 lung cancer said she had no symptoms after smoking for 39 years

Pitre was dumbfounded, she had no symptoms. "A lot of times they call it the silent killer because you don't know and had she not had that stent put in, we probably wouldn't have known."

Local attorney speaks out on how he overcame addiction

Sean Corcoran, a successful divorce and custody attorney in Lake Charles didn't always have success in his life. Twelve years ago, he struggled with drug addiction, saying that he was killing himself every day. Corcoran wrote a heartfelt post on Facebook about his personal demons and the battle he encountered as he worked to overcome it. "... and it was very difficult, it's very difficult to say 'here are my imperfections, here are my defects of character, here are the most sha...

Man with unknown disease finally gets some answers

"So, I went to the doctor about a week and a half before all this went down, didn't get any better," said Tony Rougeau.

  Doctors say medical marijuana is not a good treatment for glaucoma

Louisiana lawmakers passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana for a number of conditions including glaucoma. But optometrists and ophthalmologists are saying medicinal marijuana isn't practical for people with glaucoma. "Because of the short duration of action and because of the and the only route of administration is smoking marijuana cigarettes and we know the affects of that." Doctor Jon Yokubitis with the Eye Clinic says the bill is good for the future of medicine fo...

Woman stung by sea lice at Holly Beach

The Anson family was at Holly Beach and everything was fine until Kira, the mother, got into the water. "I went in the water maybe 10 minutes I started getting stinging sensations.

Endometriosis causes pain and infertility

Endometriosis is one of the most common causes of infertility and also the culprit behind painful menstrual cramps. Dr. Stanley Kordisch explains how this health problem is detected and treated.


"People that have keratoconus their corneas start to take on an abnormal shape that gives them a very high level of astigmatism," said Ophthalmologist Doctor Charles Thompson. But unlike many people with bad eyes or astigmatism, glasses can't help people with Keratoconus.

Summertime pet dangers

It's the first day of summer which means the weather will continue to heat up, but when it comes to your pets, the Louisiana heat can easily be life-threatening. "Dogs can't sweat like humans so they cool themselves down by panting and drinking water," Jae Chang, a veterinarian from Prien Lake Animal Hospital said. "And keeping themselves in a cool environment." Symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion in animals are heavy panting, purple gums, and vomiting ...

Life with a traumatic brain injury: The Ty Griffen story

From the outside, Ty Griffen looks like a normal 26-year-old. He graduated from McNeese State University and was a pitcher on the baseball team. But for the last year, Ty's life is a blur. Waters were high in a Cameron Marsh where Ty was boating a year ago.

A Feather for Evelyn

"It's about a little girl named Evelyn with cancer and she prays to God to help her get through this and there's a special surprise at the end with the friend and they go on imaginary adventures when she goes through chemo to keep her mind off of everything," said author Kelly Bourque.

Hurricanes and hospitals: how do they prepare?

When it comes to hurricanes, evacuations are always possible…but what about patients in hospitals who don't have the ability to leave? "You want to keep your most critical patients in  your hospital, it's better for their overall health." Regional Manager of Safety and Emergency Management at Christus St. Patrick Hospital, Scott Kyle says in situations like these, they try to discharge patients who are able to be discharged, but they've learned from past experi...

Pain cream helps patients eliminate oral medication

Marie Gentry was diagnosed with osteoporosis, neuropathy, scoliosis and was living a life full of pain. Until, she read a story on KPLC and met doctor Craig Morton and his creation of Accuplus. "My husband had to take care of me and take me to all the appointments and everything after 8 1/2 months and I got on the appointment I got in that car and I've been driving since," Gentry said. Now with torn rotator cuffs, and a continuation of her other painful diagnoses, Gentry r...

A woman's life with Lupus and Fibromyalgia

It's an invisible illness that many people believe doesn't exist. "Lupus is an auto immune disease which basically your cells in your body are attacking themselves," said patient Miranda Gradnigo. She was diagnosed with Lupus 8 years ago and on top of that, doctors told her she had fibromyalgia. "Basically it's a pain that you're living with every day," Gradnigo said.

Lake Charles Memorial Residency program helping interns become better doctors

The road to residency isn't easy. "I round the morning see my patients," said first year Lake Charles Memorial Residential Intern Christian LeBlanc. "I look at labs, evaluate, making sure they're giving the right treatment, making sure we address any concerns they have overnight then we round with our attending that supervises us and making sure we're doing everything appropriate to support our patient."

Pets suffering from arthritis

Arthritis causes pain and inflammation in the joints and can be hard to live with, especially for animals. "Pets get it for a variety of reasons, we see a lot in older dogs where it's a result of age, or younger dogs where they have a history of trauma," said Veterinarian Adam McMahan from Lake Area Animal Hospital.

Protecting your eyes from the sun's UV rays

We can see how sun affects the skin when sunburn occurs. But what about the eyes? "You can actually get a burn of the cornea," said Optometrist Doctor Jeffrey Hankin.

Psychologist: Hurricanes can cause PTSD

While many continue to repaint their homes, tear out carpeting and fix their missing shingles, another hurricane season is quickly approaching, which can put stress on those who are still working to fix last year's mess. "Stress is a normal human reaction to feelings of threat," said Psychologist, Dr. Jerry Whiteman. "And it's not uncommon for people to have a fight or flight response." Many times, these types of stressers can lead to PTSD or post-traumat...

A boy's battle with an inoperable terminal brain tumor

Drake Quibodeaux was living life like a 7-year-old in Louisiana. "On March 11 Drake was driving a boat, running up and down the dock being a normal kid," said mom Danielle Quibodeaux. "Within six hours he had had two seizures lost every ability to walk, talk, function he was paralyzed completely on his right side" His parents rushed him to a local hospital and when nothing turned up, he was airlifted to New Orleans where doctors found an answer. "The doc...

Risks of over wearing contact lenses

Many contact lens wearers are guilty of over wearing their contacts. "There's a reason those FDA standards are there, if there daily disposables, they're supposed to be disposed of every day, that's going to be what's heathiest for the eye." Optometrist, Madison Wall-Hayes says over wearing contacts can actually deprive your eyes of the oxygen they need to help you see. "Reducing the amount of oxygen that gets to the cornea, the cornea has to get the oxygen from the ...

  Louisiana budget deficit puts state funded health care at risk in the Lake Area

As the state works to fill a $650,000,000 budget deficit, medical care is on the line. "Without it there's a lot of people around here that would die," said Kathlene Edigo, a patient at Moss Memorial. "This is the only help, I can't survive without it. It's at the place now that you either choose am I going to eat or am I going to buy medicine" For David and Kathlene Edigo, state paid health care, wasn't in their plan. "I worked up until two years ago wh...

Certain foods and sunscreen are the key to avoiding a future with skin cancer

It's starting to feel like summertime outside and as the rays shine down, the risk for sunburn rises. Which is why pediatrician, Doctor Anatole Karpovs stresses the importance of sunscreen. Although shade is a good alternative to avoiding sunburn, Karpovs says between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm are when people are most prone to skin damage.

Gracie Johnson: Life with an inoperable brain tumor

Gracie Johnson had a bright future ahead of her.  The high school senior is described by her teachers as a ray of sunshine. She had cancer at the age of three and at the age of five.  She was treated with cranial radiation at the time, but she thought all of that was behind her….until one day, she had a seizure. "I am in the very rare percent of getting a secondary cancer from that radiation," Gracie said.

Jamie McGee: Life with Tourette's

You may remember him as sports person of the week, or an All-American football player. "It's like an itch that you want to scratch," said Jamie McGee. "It's like an urge you just if you don't do it you just get so tense." What many people don't know is Jamie McGee suffers from Tourette's. "He was diagnosed at seven years old," said Jamie's father, James. "He has not let it affect, him he is the poster child for turning a disabil...

New pill could slow down eye loss in diabetics

Being a diabetic means more than just checking  your blood sugar, it can actually cause major issues in your eyes. "What happens in the eye, the retina, the sensitive lining of the eye, has tiny blood vessels in the eye," says Dr. Rob Janot. "And they get leaking in diabetes and that sets up a series of events that can lead to blindness." A new product on the market, may slow down the progression of diabetics losing their vision. It's called Nureten. "...

Not uncommon for vision to change during pregnancy

As new medication and technology enables people to live longer, they now have more issues to deal with when it comes to their eyes such as cataracts, glaucoma and even age-related macular degeneration. It's also no secret that women typically put their family first before their own health. "A lot of things are time sensitive. Now for just a young healthy woman, if you don't have diabetes, high blood pressure, every two to three year exam is fine," Doctor Margaret Carter wi...

Spider veins: innocent or dangerous?

You've most likely seen them on your legs or on someone elses. "Those squiggly ugly small veins that appear out of the blue," said Cardiologist Dr. Carl Fastabend. They're called spider veins and they just so happen to be pretty common among women.

Hyperbaric Chambers helping to heal SWLA

Hyperbaric Chambers fill up with nothing but 100% oxygen and they're helping to heal patients here in the lake area. "We have patients who come in with chronic non-healing wounds and after 4 weeks if we still aren't making progress we put them in the chamber," said Registered Nurse, Denise Peshoff from Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. "And we put them under pressure at two atmospheres and what happens is that 100% oxygen is pushed into the body so it goes into the plasm...

Free colon cancer screening kits

Dr. Sapreet Basra, a Gastroenterologist from Lake Charles Memorial Hospital says with colon cancer being the second leading cause of cancer death, the issue isn't a fast moving cancer, it's the lack of detection.

Baby born with 7 heart defects helps encourage new non-profit

The Barnes family knew baby Phoenix would be born a fighter. "Once he was born, we had to have a scheduled birth in New Orleans," said Brandi Cox, Phoenix's Great Aunt. "So we moved her to New Orleans six weeks before he was born and once he was born we realized he had 7 different congenital heart defects and they're extremely rare."

New mom says isolette helped save her premature baby's life

For moms-to-be, pregnancy is a time for preparing for the new addition. But, for Sulphur native, Jillian Person, she was living the life of a normal college student with no idea she was expecting. "I went into the hospital, I thought my appendix ruptured and the er doctor said I had kidney stones and then my water broke and I had a baby," Peterson said. If being thrust into motherhood wasn't enough, baby Oliver was born at 32 weeks gestation. Weighing three pounds, the ...

Transaortic Valve Replacement giving patients a second chance at life

Bonnie Faulk Works at WalMart, but her quality of life began going down hill as she got older. "I couldn't breath," Faulk said. Diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis, Faulk needed to have a valve in her heart replaced.

Lake Charles Memorial earning trauma program designation

It's a huge step forward for trauma patients to receive trauma care in their own community, rather than being rushed out of town to designated trauma centers.

ZSpace program at Barbe giving students a new way to learn

Technology at Barbe High School is changing the way students learn. From a science book, to a computer screen, the ZSpace program is giving students a hands on experience.

Woman births baby in front seat of car

It's a story her family will never forget. Five day old Octavia Mullen entered into the world in an unforgettable fashion. Victoria Mullen woke up on February first at three in the morning with her normal pregnancy pain.  She had no idea her day would turn out the way it did. "I felt a pop and I thought it might have been my water, but every time she moved, I thought I had to go to the bathroom anyway," said Mullen. She put off calling her husband home from work un...

Opioid overdoses lead to spike in organ donations

According to the CDC, 20 people die every day waiting for an organ donation. In an interesting twist of the opioid epidemic, overdoses across the country are actually adding to the number of organ donations.

Agnes DeRouen will soon return to anchor desk

It's been two months since you last saw Agnes DeRouen on set, but her return is in sight. "I've been to therapy three times a week," Agnes said. She had a total knee replacement and recovery has been hard.

Two-year-old to undergo third surgery after coding during last one

Two  year old Colton Bruce has been through more in his life than most could ever imagine experiencing. "His left lung is enlarged so much it's pushing everything to the right," said Rebecca Robison, Colton's mother. His first surgery took place when he was just 10 days old. During his surgery in October, doctors nearly lost him. "They gave him anesthesia, and he coded," Robison said. "They spend 18 minutes doing CPR to get his heart to beat again on ...

HIV diagnosis no longer a death sentence

HIV, three letters, a former death sentence. Darrell Latin got the diagnosis in 1994. Like many others, Latin refused to believe he had the disease. He narrowed it down to contraction from sharing needles or sexual activity. With nearly 20 medications a day, he was waiting to die. His siblings ostracized him, afraid they too would get HIV. "They were afraid to touch me," Latin said. "I ate from paper plates, they wouldn't let me do my laundry." But after lea...

Chiropractors adjusting women who are expecting

Pregnancy can come with a lot of aches and pains, but Doctor of Chiropractic Laurie Baynard with Lake Charles Chiropractic says, it's not normal.