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The MRI system at Advanced MRI is a High Field Open Unit. This state-of-the-art diagnostic unit provides the largest, most comfortable opening of any MRI system available anywhere.
If you tend to be claustrophobic or concerned with tight spaces, Advanced MRI is perfect for you. Most importantly, the images from the High Field Open Unit at Advanced MRI are technically unsurpassed in quality and detail. Finally, you can have the quality of images your doctor needs with the openness and comfort you deserve!
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Anxiety and claustrophobia are no longer concerns! For most exams, your feet go in first and your head remains outside the magnet. You will constantly see the exam room and communicate whenever you wish throughout the exam.
When a head-first exam becomes necessary, comfort remains the priority. You will have an open view with at least 1 foot of space above your nose.
Advanced MRI offers comfort to children and elderly with a short bore so a mother can hold her child's hand or someone who is claustrophobic can relax, and breath easy. At Advanced MRI your health and comfort are our first priorities.
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Advanced MRI is located in the Medical Office Building on the LCMH campus.

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