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  • What's Your Sign?

    What's Your Sign?

    Just click on your astrological sign, and we'll show you sign-by-sign what your chances for romance are -- and who is and isn't compatible with you.More >>
    Looking to find your perfect mate? Don't waste your time dating the wrong people. Just look to the stars! Let our astrological guide show you which signs you're most compatible with! More >>
  • Do You Remember the First...

    Do You Remember the First...

    How well do you remember the first time you and your mate did a variety of things? Print off two copies of this quiz, and write your answers beside the questions. Then trade papers and see who answered correctly.More >>

  • What is your ideal date?

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    Night at home with my honey
    2574 votes
    A gourmet dinner out
    1222 votes
    Seeing a show or sporting event
    890 votes
    891 votes
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