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City of Sulphur rallies votes for Michael Sarver

By Amanda Ward - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The city of Sulphur is rallying behind their own Louisiana Idol, Michael Sarver, in hopes that he'll become the next American Idol.

"This is just a party to let everyone know that Michael Sarver is from Sulphur, the show says he's from Jasper, TX, but he was born and raised here. He has the talent but we have the votes and we want to see him win," said Nicole Lee, life long friend of the contestant.

Lee says Michael Sarver has always loved to sing and finds inspiration in her friend seeking his dream.

"Everybody says when I grow up I want to be a doctor, or a singer. But, knowing someone this close to you make it happen means a lot and you kinda put your hopes and dreams on him that he gets that for his family," she said.

Speaking of family, James Gillard says he's no longer James. He's become "PawPaw Gillard or Michael's Paw!" he said. But, he's a proud Paw.

"One of the things that helped Michael in this (and I think all young people should listen and watch very closely) is that everything is yes ma'am no ma'am. And, I think the show liked him for that. I think they were amazed young people still know their manners. He does. And, it helps," said PawPaw Gillard.

But manners only get you so far. You have to sing to win. Tuesday the judges praised Michael. But did he get the votes.

Wednesday, two will be eliminated.

If Michael makes it through to next week, the city of Sulphur plans to keep celebrating.

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