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Hurricane Ike leaves many cattle stranded

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Some cattle didn't make it through Hurricane Ike.

"The hardest part for any cattle producer is to see animals suffer. Those cattle are stranded without fresh water," said Kent LeDoux.

"The cows are just huddled up on levis and porches, anything that was high enough for them to stay alive. There are several dead in the fence, it's miserable to look at," said Mark Parent.

Most are stranded south of the intracoastal waterway with no food or fresh water. Cattle can drink sea water for five to eight days but if they drink too much, they could end up with salt-water stress.

"The stress on the cows and bulls is tremendous as you know. Even though they may survive, the initial impact of the storm, they may suffer weeks to come," said LeDoux.

"Today, most are alive. They have been drinking saltwater that obviously stresses the cows. We're trying to get them settled down as quickly as we can especially water more important than food," said Parent.

In order to save as many as they can, the national guard has maped out G.P.S. coordinates through their helicopter sweeps to know exactly where to place food and water for these stranded cattle.

"This is the only way they can be fed and have water. When you fly out of here, you can see the roads are still five or six feet under water. There's no access, no one could get back there except by air or boat, they can't carry what we carry," said Parent

Even though many cattle are still stranded, local cattlemen hope the threat will be over soon.


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