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U.S. on a Severe Terror Alert

August 10, 2006

The Department of Homeland Security has raised the level threat level to severe for the aviation sector.

The severe or red level is the highest level on the terror threat warning system.

That warning applies to flights originating in Britain and bound for the United States.

Commercial flights operating in or destined for the U.S. are now under an orange or high level threat.

The change comes in response to the arrest of dozens of people allegedly involved in a terror plot to blow up planes flying between the two countries. British authorities have broken up an alleged major plot to blow up a number of aircrafts in mid-flight between Britain and the United States.   Officials say the plot would have used explosives smuggled in carry-on luggage to blow up the airliners. British prime minister Tony Blair has reportedly briefed President Bush on the alleged aircraft plot.

Police said in a statement that a number of people were arrested in London after a major covert operation that had lasted for several months.

If you're planning on flying - even inside the U.S. today - that's going to affect what you can and can't bring with you.

According to Continental.com, the Transportation Safety Administration has banned liquids and gels. That includes drinks, shampoo, toothpaste, and other items with that consistency.

There are a few exceptions: if you are traveling with a baby or small child; you can bring baby formula, breast milk, or juice. Prescription and essential non-prescription medicines are allowed.

Continental's travel advisory says it's going to take longer to be screened at airports. To speed up the process they advise you travel light and carry on luggage should have a little clutter as possible.



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