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A Happy Ending for one Sulphur Family

July 17, 2006

Reported by Libby White

We first told you about Evelyn and Herschell Hartman last month. Evelyn has Alzheimer's and Herschell is recovering from a stroke. Their daughter paid a contractor (who happens to be a relative) to repair their home, but she says those repairs were never done. Marilyn Smith, their daughter, says, "They were supposed to tear out and replace the old insulation with the new insulation that I paid for and instead, they put it on top of the old insulation." Smith says she paid a relative $40,000 for a mess bigger than the one Hurricane Rita left behind. That's where Youth with a Mission enters the picture.

Y.W.A.M. coordinator Larry Sterling, is from Virginia and says the Hartmans' home didn't look too bad to the naked eye. "But once you got into it and realized how much damage had been done; it really all had to come down," said Sterling. Youth with a Mission is now repairing the Hartmans' home the right way for free. Sterling describes the work they'll be doing: "Take all the ceilings out, the ruined insulation, and replace it all." Y.W.A.M. is from all over the United States and they're glad to get in and get the dirty work done. "You're helping someone, you're getting dirty, you come home tired, you're beat, but that's how you know you made a difference," said Y.W.A.M.'s Kyle Popish.  

The group is restoring Marilyn's faith in people. "The way she can still trust in people after all that happened to her. I can't even imagine," said Popish. The group has grown close to Marilyn and her parents. She has even introduced the young people to some good southern cookin' and it's created quite a bond. Popish playfully says, "I love Miss Marilyn. She's my momma." Marilyn is grateful to have the group's help. She says, "We are truly blessed to have these people here. Kyle says he's staying with me!"  

Marilyn says her parents are very excited to get back into their home. She says their health is already improving and she hopes they can move back in in about an month. Living Waters Church in Sulphur arranged for Youth with a Mission to work on the Hartmans' home.

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