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What's ahead for Cameron schools?

May 19, 2006
Reported by Pam Dixon

After Hurricane Rita damaged four Cameron Parish schools, the remaining two, Grand Lake and Hackberry High Schools, opened their doors and shared their classrooms. Grand Lake second grade teacher Nanette Fontenot says, "We have had to be flexible from day to day and just learn to go with the flow and make the best of any situation that was put in front of us."

With four schools jammed onto Grand Lake's campus, schedules were modified from five days a week to two and a half long days a week to split the time. Grand Lake freshman Evan Guidry says, "It was pretty tough having to cram so much work in two and a half days. It's a week's worth." South Cameron High sophomore Kami Savoie says, "When we try to go to college we're going to be missing a whole half of a year, almost a whole year, and it's really going to show."

Come August when the new school year begins, every student will be back to a five day school week. Grand Lake junior Jordan Precht says, "Sharing the school wasn't that bad. I enjoyed the two and a half days. It actually allowed me to get a job the half of the week."

While rebuilding continues at Johnson Bayou and South Cameron High Schools, some 50 temporary classrooms like these will be moved to Johnson Bayou and South Cameron High this summer so those students can finally return to their own schools. South Cameron High 8th grader Sara Dupre says, "I'm looking forward to going back to Creole, having my own locker, my own classroom, not having to share space, just having our own space to use." South Cameron High School student Mikalee Mooney says, "I look forward to not saying, 'I go to South Cameron, but it's in Grand Lake.'"

Rebuilding Cameron and South Cameron Elementary Schools will depend on the return of Cameron residents and the need. In August Cameron and South Cameron Elementary students will switch from the Grand Lake campus to the South Cameron High Campus.

Reopening Cameron schools is a major step in hurricane recovery. School administrators believe once the schools are rebuilt, the residents will be quicker to return home.

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