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Christmas Comes Early For Cameron

December 19, 2005
Reported by Vince Atkinson

Thanks to some private donations Christmas is coming early for one city in Cameron Parish. The city of Grand Lake has been struggling to pick up the pieces ever since Hurricane Rita came ashore. Now, thanks to a generous donation from some of our friends up north the city has the tools to make the rebuilding process easier.

Dinah Landry with the Cameron Council On Aging says, "When the skeptics tell me there are not good people out there it is going to be hard for me to believe that from now on." That is how many people in Grand Lake and Sweet Lake feel after the residents of Lyme, Connecticut decided to send a huge donation to Cameron Parish. Landry says, "They had heard a lot about Katrina, but they had not heard a lot about Rita. They started doing some research into it."

The residents of Lyme found out about the wide spread destruction in Cameron Parish and decided to pool their money and then donated a fire truck to the Grand Lake and Sweet Lake Volunteer Fire Department. Landry says, "They also filled it with Christmas gifts for all the children." Lyme residents even sent books and supplies for Cameron schools that were damaged by the storm.

Landry says, "This was wonderful. This was good for our spirits and it lifted us all up. We are all kind of drained. It has been a long hard road." Residents of Lyme have decided to adopt Cameron Parish as a whole. They even have plans to donate an ambulance, dump trucks, books, and furniture for schools that will soon be rebuilt in Cameron. Landry says, "Just to have a shoulder to lean on has just been a wonderful, wonderful feeling."

Lyme, Connecticut is in no danger of being hit by a hurricane, but the residents do have to battle blizzards. The people of Cameron say they are ready to lend a helping hand if their new friends up north need them.

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